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The Huron Mountain Club is a exclusive outdoorsman's club near Big Bay, Michigan.  The Club owns some 10,000 acres along Lake Superior that includes almost the entire Huron Mountain Range.  The Club is also very conservation minded. They own some of the most pristine land in the state. And that's not an accident. The Club supports research and employs environmental management practices. Most of their land hasn't been logged in over 100 years. Access to The Club's land is extremely restricted. Entrances are gated and guarded. The only people allowed inside are club members, club employees, and approved research teams. I was lucky enough to get in for work... to help on a project that the Forest Service collaborates in. What a beautiful place! It gives you some indication of what the whole UP must have been like before "civilization" arrived. Enjoy:



Lake Superior in a fog




Lake Superior coastline in a fog




View from the top of Breakfast Roll, overlooking part of the Huron Mountains.




The Stone House on Ives Lake, accommodation for all of the researchers who work in Huron Mountain

Club. This building was built sometime around 1910 as a private residence, but also served as a resort for

a while before it was purchased by The Club. It had an awesome screened in porch overhanging the lake

and a swimming area with a diving board into the lake. Not too shabby!



The Stone House porch. Refuge from the mosquitoes.




Speaking of mosquitoes... no that's not fog.




Gathering fresh water from the spring.




Apparently this particular style of boat is unique to The Club. They are built here.




Ives Lake in the evening.




Ives Lake in the morning



Ives Lake and the Stone House stairs in the morning



An exoskeleton, shed by an immature dragonfly.




One of the buildings in the Stone House research complex


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